The Tiny in Junkies Magazine


Junkies magazine is a new Australia eco mag promoting a sustainable lifestyle.  The (recycled paper) pages are filled with inspiration about how to live a happy, fulfilled and positive life without costing the earth.  They are all about reduce, reuse, repair and recycle.  And upcycling of course!

I am really happy to be included in Junkies magazine, with a great article about The Tiny and the tiny house movement in Australia.  The article goes into detail about the building process of our tiny house project in Sydney.  I hope the article inspires others with dreams of downsizing, to look into the possibility of building your own tiny house, or having one built for you.  The beautiful photos are supplied by Alicia Fox Photography.  Pick up your copy at newsagents or through the Junkies website.  Happy reading!!

Tiny House Article in Junkies magazine Tiny House In Junkies Magazine 2