Tiny House Builds & Workshops

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Tiny House Building Course Oct 2018
Tiny House Building Course May 2018

I started building Tiny Houses in 2014, using reclaimed and recycled materials to reduce the environmental cost of the build. Every salvaged piece used means usable materials are diverted from landfill, saves our natural resources being consumed and reduces the embodied energy of the project.

Using recycled building materials also gives a tiny house a richer story of creation and individual aesthetic, much like the free thinking individuals who choose to live in tiny houses.

I also specialise in teaching people how to use recycled materials to build their own tiny house on wheels, in a 6-day intensive hands-on workshop. Check out my previous Tiny House builds or contact me if you'd like to discuss a custom tiny built for your needs.

Tiny House Building Course with TAFE
Sustainable She Shed custom build for client
The Tiny: a studio on wheels