Recycled Timber Furniture

Recycled timber furniture and home wares currently for sale

  • Recycled timber display boxes, in a range of sizes and box sets
  • Garden harvest tables
  • Trestle Tables


The majority of my recycled timber furniture projects are done with reclaimed hardwood fencing timber.  I love using this material, it is literally being thrown away, so there is no better timber resource to be utilising.


The old wooden fences were made from a range of timber species and each fence experienced it’s own set of weathering conditions.  This gives the furniture an appealing rustic aesthetic and character.  When working with recycled timber the trick is to find the balance between restoring the timber and leaving the imperfection to hint at it’s former life.  The goal is always to create recycled timber furniture and home wares with a charm all of there own.


  • Have a particular project you would like done with salvaged timber ? Contact me
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  • More designs to come so keep an eye on the this page and the Gallery