The Harvest Bench

The Harvest Bench

The harvest bench is an outdoor work station for use anywhere in the backyard.  They are made from 100% recycled hardwoods, old stainless steel sinks and galvanized fixings, so they withstand permanent outdoor settings and if anything will only look better as they slowly weather and meld into your backyard setting.

The Harvest bench was originally designed to sit along the path between the vegie patch and the kitchen.  The idea being its a stop along the path to wash and sort your fresh vegetables before going inside to the kitchen.

But, like all good ideas the harvest bench has turned out to have multiple good uses.  Most of my clients have put them to good use as a potting bench.  The sink makes a handy place to mix soil or to raise seedlings in and the extra bench down low ends up being a tidy storage space for pots and tools.  I have also seen them used in the BBQ area as an outdoor sink and prep bench and even as a kids play area, affectionately termed “a mud kitchen”.

What ever they are used for the harvest bench is a sturdy piece of outdoor furniture that’s functional and will add charm to your garden for decades.

Harvest benches are priced from $600.  As with all my work there is individual variation depending on the timber and recycled materials used.  Customisations like a double sink, a high back with hanging hooks or extra chunky timber will add to the price.

Delivery is available anywhere between Sydney and Brisbane.  The workshop is in Crescent Head, N.S.W.  Local delivery between Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie are made frequently, with delivery runs further afield every 3-6 months.

Email or via the contact page to place an order.

Potting bench looking rustic and functional