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This is 100% recycled timber furniture.  Delivery is available on all items.  Custom orders welcome.

Harvest bench


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Upcycled Door Trestle Table


This is a trestle table top made from a heritage panel door with recycled timber parquetry to infill the panels for a smooth table top.  This is definitely an original item. I only ever made 3 all with different infill work.  Currently the table top comes as a set with hardwood trestles but can be mounted on a solid table base if requested.

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Trestle Table


Trestle table on the veranda

Trestle table and trestle legs made from recycled tongue and groove floor boards, approximate length 2m.  Made from Cyprus pine.  The table top is rough finished, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Giant Jenga Set


Picnic fun waiting to happen.

This game was such a hit at our wedding I made a few more sets.  They are made from recycled packing crate timber and come with the carry box which doubles as a playing surface.

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Cable Reel Bar Table


A bar table good enough to dance on.

This bar table is standing height so the type of table you stand around while resting your drinking arm on the table or pull a stool up to, height 1.1m, 1.2m diameter, accommodates up to 6 people.  The cable reels were originally used to carry the thick wire safety barrier cabling used alongside highways.

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Garden Bench Seats


These are a labour of love. I do enjoy getting out the big chisel and hammer.  Solid timber bench seats made with no glue just old fashioned mortise and tenon joins.  Approximate seat length is 1.6m.

Email: or call 0429005032