Tiny Houses

As The Upcyclist I build Tiny Houses with as much recycled content as possible.  If you have a tiny house or small living space project, lets talk.

What I can do for you

  • Complete tiny house building service
  • Tiny builds to lock-up stage,  that is, exterior finished and weather proof with windows and doors fitted then it’s ready for you to customise the interior
  • Internal tiny house or small living space fit outs with recycled materials
  • tiny house building  assistance: to get you started or maybe to get your project finished.
  • assistance with legal requirements and laws that may or may not apply to tiny houses


The tiny houses and the tiny house movement are relatively new to Australia and as such there are not to many examples of tiny houses and people actually living in tiny houses.  There are a few, and plenty of interest in the idea.  It’s my goal to help kick start a tiny revolution and see more and more folks living the tiny life.


Check out my first foray into tiny house building, The Tiny House Project.

And if you are keen to soak up some specifically Australian tiny house inspiration and information check out these links Tiny Houses Australia link page.