Tiny Houses

As The Upcyclist I build Tiny Houses with as much recycled content as possible.  The use of salvaged building materials greatly reduces the environmental cost of the build.  Every second hand piece used saves our natural resources being consumed, diverts material from landfill and reduces the embodied energy of the project.

Using recycled building materials also gives a tiny house a richer story of creation and individual aesthetic, much like the free thinking individuals who choose to live in tiny houses.

What I can do for you

  • Tiny builds to lock-up stage,  that is, exterior finished and weather proof with windows and doors fitted.  This type of project generally involves the client designing their own tiny house floor plan and ordering a trailer to suit.  Then I step in and get the build off to a flying start by building the tiny house exterior with predominantly salvaged building materials.  Now, the house is 100% weather proof and tow-able, ready for the client can take it home and finish of the project with their own two hands.
  • Internal tiny house or small living space fit-outs with recycled materials.  Recycled materials are best suited to use as wall/ceiling linings and to add built in furniture.  The work I specialise in adds warm character and a certain quirky style specific to salvaged materials.  If you think in terms of “rustic charm”, aged patina and creative re-use we are on the same page.   Appliances, electrical and plumbing work often work out better sourced new.
  • Currently I am only considering complete tiny house builds on a case by case basis.  If the project is interesting and you are committed to minimising the environmental impact of the build through using salvaged building materials, get in touch with me.

Tiny House Projects to date

The Tiny

This was my first foray into tiny house building, The Tiny Project.   Back when I started this project, in 2014, the  tiny house movement in Australia was in its infancy.  We undertook the build largely as a demonstration and learning mission.  With the knowledge and experience gained being fed into future builds.

The Dole House

The Bower (in Sydney) and TAFE NSW  built a tiny house as part of their cert. 1 in carpentry pathways to employment program.  Towards the end of the project I was contracted to help finish the build and prepare the house for sale.  “The Dole House” was an amusing name for the house suggested by one of the participants with a quick sense of humour.

The Sustainable She ShedThe Sustainable She Shed

A she shed is a backyard studio where the woman of the house goes to find her own space and delve into her creative or restorative endeavors.  Lisa is a committed environmental campaigner and approached me to build her a Sustainable She Shed.


And if you are keen to soak up some specifically Australian tiny house inspiration and information check out these links Tiny Houses Australia link page.